Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

AND a Happy Birthday to yours truly! :D

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #9, Volume One

I don't really have much to say, other than the following, for it simply sums the past few days for our stormy friends up perfectly...

(does her best Ben Stein) Wow.

Well, and it shall not only be a great honor for me to own a copy of the October 28th game vs. Cheesesteak Town on DVD, but it will also make quite a splendid addition to my ever growing Francis shrine. That said, in addendum to my interlude last night, I had worrisome vibes about the said game all throughout Friday. And the Flyboys' coming on like ghostbusters and making the Canes look like Cheesesteak in the first period did not help one bit. But then, Ronnie appeared (courtesy of Fox Sports South's showing him taking in the game inside a suite at the RBC Center...what? did you expect me to say "in a golden vision" or something similar? look, I may be nutty, but not *that* nutty), and in that weird, freaky, etc. karmic way, I felt at I somewhat knew what the outcome of the game would be. And the rest, as most if not all of hockeydom knows, was history.

Not to mention how there is *just something* about the date of October 28th...

Oh, and just one more thing...since the Canes get a break until Thursday, I shall say "Happy Halloween!" to them AND a somewhat belated "Happy Birthday!" to Eric Staal. :)

Oh yeah, and also, don't forget to set your clocks back one hour for the end of Daylight Savings and more sleep!

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer - Interlude

The next issue will be out sometime Sunday. But now for a word from our sponsor...

"Do Not Deny the Power of Francis"

Seriously, the incredible comeback, the completion of Eric Staal's hat trick, Matt Cullen's game-winning goal, the Canes' first empty-netter of the season courtesy of Big Joe, and of course, the big win over Philly...they all happened AFTER FSN South showed Ronnie Francis taking in tonight's game at the RBC. AND remember, it is three months before the said man and his jersey's big night (January 28th, 2006).

This message has been brought to you by the Temple of Francis in Rocky Gap, Virginia.

You may now recommence the celebrations, Caniacs.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Top Ten Most Feared People In Sports

Prepare to scream "Oh my god!!" or "Oh brother!!" depending upon how you look at it.

Forget the "athletes", how about the most frightening "sports"? Poker is/was bad enough...competitive eating? VIDEO GAMES?! While I am all for geeky stuff, the latter being considered a sport is going overboard. As is with eating...they even had to say in the article "Yes, eating is considered a sport!" (read very's there!). Just because you say it is Fox AND ESPN shows it doesn't mean it is.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Canes To Retire Ronnie Francis' Jersey On January 28th, 2006

And I *am* going to attend that game, somehow, someway.

Edit: I have found that someway...thanks to Svandijk1 @'s Canes board, I will be smack dab in the middle of Section 116 for the game!! Woot!! :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #8, Volume One

(insert the theme from The $100,000 Pyramid here)

The Canes did it!! They won in the Winner's Circle!! Woot!!

Ok, maybe the Canes did not do that very thing...but they did win, against the Ottawa FREAKIN' Senators!! And not only did the Canes do it in less than the four or more I said they would need (a final score of 3-2), they also were the first team to beat the Sens this season AND took over first place in the Southeast Division with eleven points!!

What more needs to be said? Oh yeah...god, it felt good to see the Dominator finally go down AND see Gerbs win his second game in a row. The latter is especially good in that while Cam Ward is great, the kid *does* need a rest. Nothing good will come out of wearing him down at such a (goal)tender age.

Now for a couple of non-hockey tidbits...

1. Remember when I mentioned Little Buddy Radio and their playing Kidz Bop crapola as part of their Halloween festivities? Forget the lovely rendition of "Theme From the Addams Family" truly have not experienced "bad" until you've heard ten or twenty brats "harmonize" to Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me", my new number one uber-annoying Kidz Bop Halloween song. Ugh...


2. Have y'all seen the ads for Zathura ? I saw an ad for it earlier during Aqua Teen Hunger Force (the Hypnogerm episode is the suxxors, BTW...come to think of it, the whole fourth season really isn't as great as the previous three), and it looks like an intergalactic (planetary) ripoff of Jumanji.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #7, Volume One

Once upon a time, in a far, far, far away land known as Raleigh, there was a hockey team called the Carolina Hurricanes. Now, there came a time when they had to leave Raleigh, and travel to distant and exotic lands such as New Jersey, where they defeated the dastardly Devils that thrive in its swamps. While the numbers of 6-1 were quite sufficient in that glorious victory, just as the Hurricanes were getting ready to travel to the realm of Toronto, the heavens thundered, and a voice boomed.

"14 goals in two games?! That's too many!! I decree that as of the upcoming battle, you will only score four goals...for however long as I please!!"

And well, laugh as much as you like, but apparently, the hockey gods have stayed true to the above harbinging message. Four goals at Toronto, which was just not enough (and resulted in an OT loss to the Leafs...better that than a shootout). AND, four goals at Washington, which resulted in a win, greatly helped by Martin Gerber's first shutout as a Cane.

So, now for the sixty-four thousand dollar question: How many goals will the Canes score against the Ottawa Senators Monday night? Me thinks it's gonna need to be more than four if the Canes want to have any sort of hope in wanting to hand those Spartacus wannabes their first loss of the season.

And my current reason for disliking the Sens? Two words: Dominik Hasek. I don't care if the Senators have Wade Redden, Jason Spezza, Martin Havlat, or Daniel Alfredsson (who may not be that great looking, but he's quite the awesome fantasy winger as of late); Hasek is *really* annoying me with this great comeback he's having. How can any Canes fan be a closet Sens fan with that former Dead Wing and overall pest on the roster? But, whenever that starts to annoy me, there are three things that can bring a smile to my face...the possibility of the Canes upping Hasek's GAA (again, I suspect that's going to take more than four goals) Monday night, Hasek's picture on Electronic Arts' NHL 2002 (if you've ever seen that, Hasek looks like the geek in a high school yearbook...I swear, if an NHL version of Sixteen Candles was ever made for some weird-butt reason, Hasek would be my pick for Farmer Ted based on that picture alone. ), and of course, the infamous picture of Ron Francis' 2002 Stanley Cup Final Game One GWG. That reminds me, I *really* need to pick up a photo of that latter mountainside Francis temple will be incomplete without it.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's Elton Drew Powers!!

Or Drew Austin John, or Austin John Carey, etc.(Click on the "King Videos" link.)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Baby I'm A Star!

I made the Toronto Star!! The very official newspaper of the Centre of the Hockey Universe!!

Click here!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

What's Happening?


- Yours truly officially has a new job...cowgirl. Seriously. This past Monday, my family and I had two cattle, specifically steers (I.E. males without horns), brought up to our somewhat new mountainside home and farm. My job is to feed them and help maintain the pasture and farm, once the friend who's helping us get started tames one of the cows. The two steers are an Angus (pure black) and an Angus/Hereford mix (Black with a white face...the black coming from the Angus mother/father and the white face coming from the Hereford parent). While the black steer is very calm and docile, the white-faced steer is the wild one...thanks to its nudging its way through the pasture fence/gate, enabling it and the pure Angus to escape Monday, I can joke that on my first day on the job as a cowgirl, I lost the cattle. Can't *really* joke about that in front of Dad and his friend, though, because they had the fun of chasing the cattle down to another cattle farm at the bottom of the mountain.

If it weren't for the cattle's fate in a few months, I would be (and am) highly tempted to name the Angus "Ronnie", and the Angus/Hereford either "Jeff" or "Jaromir". Fellow Canes and Pens fans will know what I am talking about... ;)

- I love this heralds Fall/Autumn, my most favorite season (besides hockey season, of course), AND my most favorite holiday in Halloween (not only because it's my birthday). But, it turns out that my most favorite holiday is making me a bit teed off with Little Buddy Radio as of late. How should I put the following? I know, I'll do a cool/uncool thing...

Cool: Playing songs like "Thriller", "Theme From Ghostbusters", "Spooky", "Tubular Bells" (I.E. "Theme From The Exorcist"), "Everyday Is Halloween", "Monster Mash", etc. I can think of a few more LBR-friendly songs that could be played like "Weird Science". But overall, it's not a bad selection of "normal" Halloween songs...certainly better than most, if not all other stations outside of LBR.

Uncool: Playing Kidz Bop crap. Even typing the following out makes me wanna barf..."Three Little Witches" (a ripoff of "Three Little Indians"), "This Is Halloween" (sung to a "Carol of the Bells"-like tune), and the worst one of them all, "Theme From the Addams Family". I'm sure the kids singing did/do not know what "petite" means. Hell, given the sad state of affairs with overall intelligence in this country and world, there's probably a ghastly number of people who do not know what "petite" means. Anyhoo, while I am all for Halloween being a holiday for children as much as anyone else, the Kidz Bop stuff does not belong anywhere outside of automobile tape/CD decks. Hearing it all makes even the kid inside yours truly cringe.

Other than that LBR, you are doing a good job...

- Guess what I got as an early birthday gift? Only the best gift for a hockey nut...Center Ice!! :D And gawd, I'm loving every minute of it. Especially the Canadian feeds...just as I expected all along, they know how to do hockey coverage in the Great White North. Not to mention how they got some dang good ad agencies up there. I've seen more ads that have amused me from Canada than elsewhere lately. The weirdest ads I've seen have been from the western side of the States...specifically the ad for Jack In The Box. In that, a dude in nothing but his BVDs is jumping around like a complete nutcase outside of a JITB. The JITB mascot comes up to the guy, and says something along the lines of "Dude, put some pants/shorts on.".* What, in all of Dante's nine hells, does THAT have to do with a fast food outlet, aside from taking place outside of one?! Incredibly weird what some people think constitutes a good ad campaign these days...

* - Admittingly, I may have gotten a detail or two wrong, since I was at my computer when the JITB ad embraced my TV's monitor. But, I think I saw more than enough of it...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #6, Volume One

(insert nature sounds and Enya-like music here)

*takes a few deep breaths* Ahhhhh...welcome to Poetry Corner. Today, I shall read a sample from B.E. Peas' "Pump It". Now close your eyes, and let the words take you away to that happy place...

*clears her throat and recites* Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.

And I mean DAMN! The Canes have been DAMN good lately. And when I say DAMN good, I mean 7-2 vs. Washington AND ESPECIALLY 6-1 at New Jersey good.
I was reluctant to say anything after the Canes' win vs. the Crapitals because, well, they *are* called the Crapitals for a reason, especially this season. But man, rinsing and repeating at the Devils, an actual solid team? Damn.

Something told me to bench Brodeur in one of my fantasy leagues tonight...that same something also told me to drop Brett "The Mouth" Hull in the same league because today was actually his retirement day.

Speaking of fantasy, just like my only favorite current Leaf, Jeff O'Neill's hat trick last night, Brindy's doing good tonight was a bittersweet thing for yours truly. On one hand, Brindy got me two goals in a "Four Man League" (two forwards, one defenseman, and one goalie) contest in which I'm participating at Sports Card Sheriff. But on the other hand, O's hat trick and Brindy's points, while great to see and hear about, are benefitting my opponent in the Fantasy League this week. Therefore, I'm enjoying my cake AND cannot prevent leaving it out in the rain. Ohhhhhh noooooo.

Well, the Canes get four days off, even though techincally they don't, if Mr. Laviolette has anything to do with it. As for yours truly? Well, there's no rest for the wicked.

And on that note, I close this with one word, just one word...


And that concludes perhaps what will be the most potty-mouthed issue of The Net of Stormbringer. What? Don't give me that "Kids are reading this!!" crap...besides, this is tame compared to whatever Lavy told the Canes in their locker room during the first intermission of the 10/12/05 game vs. the Capitals.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #5, Volume One

Two and a half days ago, I experienced what had to be one of the best games I have ever attended. Seriously, the October 7th, 2005 vs. the Penguins game rivals the October 28th, 2003 vs. the Sharks game as my all-time favorite. Let's compare the two games, both birthday gifts...

+ = 1 point, - = -1 point.

10/28/03 vs. San Jose:

Seating - Three rows behind the Canes' bench. +

Souvenirs - A game/practice used puck from a Canes staffer and friend, a t-shirt from Stormy during the second intermission, and the usual "junk" (as my dad is probably tempted to call it) from The Eye. ++

Special Sauce - Tickets featured my Ronnie Francis, got my picture taken by Gregg Forwerck AND featured on the Canes' site, got to see a hat trick by Josef Vasicek AND a shutout by Kevin Weekes, and appropriately, the game closing song was "Sweet Caroline". ++++++

Total = 9 points.

10/07/05 vs. Pittsburgh:

Seating - Nosebleed...Section 301, Row M (Three rows from the absolute back of the arena). -

Souvenirs - Two t-shirts and a metal skate keychain from The Eye, a sign/poster featuring "Let's Go Canes!" on one side and the team lineup on the other, and a miniature replica of the Stanley Cup. ++

Special Sauce - Getting to see a win at a home opener AND the first shootout in Whalers/Canes franchise history. Also getting to see my second favorite team in the Penguins do pretty well and get a point for their efforts. AND getting to high five the most people I ever got to high five at game, outside of who I've sat with. ++++

Total = 5 points.

Ah, well...looks like the 10/28/03 game still wins hands down as the best game I've ever attended. But still, this past Friday's game was awesome...Cam Ward and Cory Stillman looked just that. And everyone else looked good too, except in the third period. But all is forgiven there, since the Canes did get the win.

And notice I didn't mention the game at Long Island...oops. The only good thing to come out of that is/was Staal leading the League in goals.

Just one more thing...CanesVision, the next time you play "Stop the Rock", PLEASE feature the following on the Jumbotron...

Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Net of Stormbringer: Issue #4, Volume One

Well, this will be a brief issue, courtesy of yours and my Carolina Hurricanes' craptastic performance tonight...and the fact that I knew I had to write something. Despite the fact that just like the preseason games, I did not see tonight's particular game thanks to Comcast and their not carrying Center Ice for some reason. But, I did hear it and Chuck and the letter K.

The best players: Cullen, Staal, and (Cam) Ward.The worst players: Gerber, Stillman, Tverdovsky...oh h-e-double hockey sticks, (does her best Paul Harvey) the rest of the team!!

Only one game. Tis best to reserve judgement for at least one third or so of the season, which if things don't change by then, the Canes will be in deep doo-doo.

Told ya this was a short issue...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Remember Boys and Girls...

...ALWAYS check the description before bidding on E-Bay.

ALWAYS check the description.