Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 24th, 2006 - Canes @ Thrashers AND The State of the NHL: Random Musings and Observations

Including the "State of the NHL" 'cause I am well aware that I have yet to comment on certain going-ons in hockeydom this week...

- Tonight's Hurricanes Live was the best I've seen yet. NO Captain Obvious accompanying Jerome Jurenovich...yay!! CO's replacement was A WHOLE LOT BETTER, IMnot-soHO...not nearly as much repeating what had already been said, and more actual insight. Me likey!

- Speaking of Hurricanes Live, they not surprisingly kicked it off with a look into Jeremy Roenick's roommate's coming to Carolina. Anson Carter was interviewed by Tripp Tracy, and then they featured a brief word with Jim Rutherford about the trade. And while he didn't come out and say it, Jim has been clamouring for Carter since at least the 2002-03 season. So, Potsie's* becoming a Cane really did not surprise me the least. But, it is something I have been highly iffy about since yesterday, despite the price tag being only a fifth round pick, or as I like to call it, a big whoop pick, and nothing more.

Carter has always been a highly on and off player, usually more off than on. But, something one needs to keep in mind is that Anson was stuck on a sucky Columbus team this sucky that even Rick Nash is struggling. Why I still have Nash on my Fantasy team is way beyond me... But anyways, I somewhat cannot disagree with my man, Ronnie Francis, whose insight into the acquisition of Anson John and Tripp mentioned on Hurricanes Live tonight...according to Tripp, Ron said that Potsie is bound to be hungry for some points. And I certainly hope that Mr. Francis is correct, and I am a bit wrong in my thinking that Anson will have a couple of good games, but won't be anything special.

- I'm sure you have heard already, but just in case you have been living in a cave OR a caveman's crib, the Sabres and Senators had their own special uncertified edition of WWE Smackdown(TM) a couple of nights ago. And from I've read and heard, a HUGE hit on Drury, causing him to have a concussion, was what started the battle royale. We are talking so HUGE that it is being compared to the infamous Scott Stevens hits on Shane Willis AND ESPECIALLY Ron Francis during the 2001 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Three things I gotta get in about that linked thread:

1. Even though Ronnie is retired and everything now, thinking about and/or seeing the said Stevens hit will always feel like an icicle slicing through my heart. AND, the fact that John and Tripp supposedly praised Stevens for the infamous hit *really* burns my biscuits. "Supposedly" being the huge keyword here, 'cause I did not see the initial broadcast AND therefore never heard the John and Tripp Show's comments. BUT, if Bubba (of Canes Country) claimed he heard praise from the Canes announcers, then I cannot help but raise my eyebrow...

2. I wish that almost everyone would stop comparing the Neil/Drury mess to what happened between Trevor Letowski and Colby Armstrong. There was absolutely no intention in that AND Colby had enough class to apologize to Trevor and the Canes. But, I guess my take on that doesn't count since I am a flippin' Pens fan in addition to the Canes. (rolls her eyes)


3. Even though I cannot stand the Buffalo Sabres and their head coach with the passion of ten flaming suns, I wholeheartedly agree with the featured letter from the governor (I.E. owner) of the Swords. These parts I especially like...

"Hitting is a very important part of our game. You hit to break up a shot, you hit to disrupt a pass, you hit to battle for the puck and you hit to gain position for a defensive or offensive play. There are many times a player is vulnerable. And there are many times when a player can make a hit on a vulnerable player but chooses not to for fear of injuring an opponent for no practical advantage. It's called respect."

"Your office informed our team today that the hit on Chris Drury was a legal hit and that it fit within the standard of play acceptable to the NHL. We do not think this should be the standard and we do not think it helps our game or the league. There is nothing manly about hitting a player that can't see you. There is nothing entertaining about a big man hitting a smaller man in the head. There is nothing good to come of a policy that allows exciting skilled players to be targets for what I believe to be predatory play."

- John Grahame had another good game...maybe the Canes do have a decent number two goalie afterall. I was starting to get a little worried about the former Bolt. Now, if he would just do something about that darned NASCAR motif-ed mask/helmet of his (scroll down to the bottom of the page)...

- I still highly dislike Garnet Exelby.

- I still think Blueland is a dumb advertising campaign.

- I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob.

Current Music: "Murder By Numbers" by The Police

* - After seeing someone else call Anson Carter "Potsie" over at the Score Boards Canes MB, I feel quite safe in doing the same. :D And for those of you who don't quite need to watch more TV. Nuff said.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February 20th, 2007 - Canes vs. Thrashers: Random Musings and Observations

Before I proceed with my RM&O about last night's game...lemme put on my music critic hat:

I just listened to Kelly Osbourne's "Shut Up", courtesy of a friend who was very kind enough to send it to me. He also helped me find out about Ms. Osbourne's "One Word" about a couple of weeks or so ago, which I ended up liking A LOT MORE than I thought I would. But, "Shut Up"...I honestly don't know what to make of it. Especially given how much potential Kelly showed she has through "One Word".

The glaring difference I notice between the two songs is that "One Word" is highly reminscent of Kelly's dad's stuff in that it takes itself seriously in a way that makes it fun to listen and rock out to. "Shut Up", on the other hand, makes me think of The Naked Brothers Band with special guest singer Kelly Osbourne. And yes, there *really* is a Naked Brothers you *really* think I'd make that up? I'm honestly surprised that such a band name hasn't come along sooner...along with the marketing plan to slap 'naked' somewhere in a name.

(takes off her music critic hat and tosses it ala Mary Tyler Moore, except not trying to catch it)

That said, if the Canes cannot find a way to play better in front of a Raleigh, NC crowd, they'll need to find a way to cram "The Naked Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Team" on those dinky TicketMaster tickets, and in a rather quick manner.

- If I could pick one Cane to overall illustrate last night's affair with the invaders from Blueland (STILL think that's a stupid ad campaign, ESPECIALLY as an UNC Tar Heel supporter), it would have to be Cam Ward. Just like the Canes, Cam put up a pretty darned good game throughout the first and second periods. But then, also just like his red, white, and black brethren, Wardo managed to fall apart in the third period...particularly in the last three minutes of the entire game, where he allowed the two goals that broke the 1-1 tie AND put the nail in the Canes' coffin.

- Even though they played ok the majority of the game, I would still use 'mediocre' to overall describe this season's Canes. And I have no qualms in using that word to describe the Canes that took to the ice last night...ESPECIALLY considering that they faced Johan Hedberg instead of Kari "Final Fantasy/Kill Bill Dork" Lehtonen.

- Speaking of goalie mask art, in my feeble attempt to end this on a semi-good note, Cam Ward's new mask's art has yet to have been mentioned here...until now.

At that link, note the HUGE difference between Cam's current mask AND his past one...I don't think I or anyone else will ever figure out what ever compelled the boy to get Nickelcrap advertised on that past mask, outside of the Sherwood Park, Alberta connection.

And yes, as people have suggested at The Score Boards, that old mask looked like a skunk on Wardo's head from far away.

That new small step for the Caniac Nation, one giant leap for good taste.

Current Music: "Madrigal" by Yes

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stormbringer's Weeks In Review: February 5th-18th, 2007

Actually, I already knew that the lead singer of Iron Maiden is also an airline pilot. Yes, really, I did...reason number umpity-ump you don't want to face me at Trivial Pursuit.

Ah...the power of cheese?

And is he somehow any relation to George Carlin?

Bet they'd leave him alone if he possessed the ability to have his skull be aflame...

Could it be that his singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You" all the bleeping time was what got him banned INSTEAD of his Mariah Carey fandom?

Does that mean their anthem will be "Eye of the Tiger"?

For those completely tired of watching paint, you can watch cheese age! Whoo-hoo!!

Further proof that we are getting too "PC" for our own good...and even more.

I hope those at Television Without Pity who get annoyed with the gift-wrapped car ads (Lexus *really* coming to mind.) don't get wind of this.

I was wondering when Sir Bo of Rat would make the headlines again...

It should be illegal to make a kid do that much homework. Seriously.

It's a mine...of PURE. GREEN!! (But seriously...what were they THINKING?!)*

Lends new meaning to the title of a certain Captain Beefheart album...**

Sometimes, the best news is what you seriously can't make up...or predict.

This reminds me of the Frasier episode where Frasier's dad, Martin, got forty extra bucks in addition to his $20 withdrawal from a teller machine... and that somehow evolved into an extra $10,000.

Uh...I thought the point of a "bed-in" was to be in bed all of the time until the protested event ended.

Um...Hollywood has never been *that* accurate. I mean, seriously, did anybody really think Cleopatra and Marc Antony bore an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton?! Not to mention Julius Caesar looking an awful lot like Rex Harrison!! Gimme a break!

Y'know, "I did it 'cause I was drunk." could explain a lot of things...

Current Music: "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis

* - Reference to my most favorite episode from the Elizabethan Era season of Blackadder.

** - Lick My Decals, for the Rock and Roll ignorant amongst any of you. ;P

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Heroes Crap

Eden McCain
You scored 37 Idealism, 66 Nonconformity, 33 Nerdiness

I think you really want a donut.
Congratulations, you're Eden McCain! You've got a colorful past, and your persuasive abilities are second to none. In addition, you're a quick thinker with a solid amount of guts. Your best quality: The art of persuasion Your worst quality: A fondness for some stereotypically "bad" behavior

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on Idealism

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You scored higher than 99% on Nonconformity

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Nerdiness
Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

*does her best L.L. Cool J* I'M BAD!

I'm a little amazed that my nerdiness wasn't any higher...but based on a LiveJournal friend's results, that means I might have turned out to be Sylar. Eeeeeeep... O_O

Current Music: "Breezin'" by George Benson

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Friday, February 16, 2007

February 15th, 2006 - Canes vs. Rangers: Random Musings and Observations

- I don't know who I have a bone to pick with more...the Canes, or their production crew at FSN South.

- I guess I'll start with FSN South, since the very first thing I see is their pre-game show alias Hurricanes Live(!)...

I don't think I need Captain Obvious (a.k.a. the new partner they got for Jerome Jurenovich as of last night) to basically repeat what the interviewed players and Laviolette already said. I also don't care if Captain Obvious has got nine-ten years of NHL playing experience under his belt. All of that experience sure did not help him overcome the fact that he came across to be as stiff as the Michelin Tire Man last night.

Also, do we *really* need to interview Peter Laviolette before EVERY game AND its second period?! It's not Lavy I have a beef's interviewing him all the freakin' time. You'd think after a season and a half of that, FSN South would finally try to mix things up a bit. We finally got a tiny hint of mixing up last night, when Jeff Daniels, NOT Kevin McCarthy, was interviewed before the third period. Not a bad start. But if you *really* want to start impressing moi, FSN South, instead of Peter Laviolette, interview other front office guys/staffers when and if they're Jim Rutherford, Jason Karmanos, Peter Karmanos (if he's in town), Chris Huffine, Sheldon Ferguson (if he's in town), Ron Francis (if he's in town), Wally Tatomir, Skip Cunningham, Pete Friesen, etcetera. Not to mention former Whalers/Canes players and wives/family of current and former players, among other people. There *really* is so much you can do with that Pre-Game Interview, FSN South!! And hey, if Lavy has a fit about not doing that Pre-Game Interview, then kindly let him keep his pre-Second Period interview. IM(not-so)HO, the Pre-Game Interviews are where the freshness in the interviewees is most important.

- I don't think the Canes heard John Forslund stating that "there is(now was) a playoff atmosphere" in Raleigh yesterday evening. Certainly didn't play like it, anyway.

- With the injuries piling up, in addition to the overall roster on the major AND minor league levels, the 2006-07 Canes are looking an awful lot like the 2002-03 Canes. The only big difference being the win/loss record, which has a few more wins AND a lot less ties.

- I don't think I could ever thank the Los Angeles Kings enough for shipping Sean "Ooooh...I almost fought Ronnie Francis!!*" Avery to the New York Rangers. God, I hate how that guy is now running amuck in the Eastern Conference...

- Hedican and Williams are now out? The hits just keep coming for the Canes and what little of their playoff hopes remain... *sighs*

Current Music: "Wild Wild Life" by the Talking Heads

* - For those who have completely blocked out the 2002-03 season...during a game against the Kings in the latter third of the said season, Avery tried to entice Francis to put up his dukes, yo. Not surprisingly, Ron pushed Sean away in such a manner that made the (now former) King look more-so the idiot he already was AND still is.

To this day, I *still* say that if fisticuffs had occurred between Ron and Sean, the former would have emerged quite victorious. And after seeing this a couple of months ago, there's now more than biasness backing up that statement. ;)

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"He's Broken."

A fair warning in advance to my male readers: The following is probably more of a ladies' kind of thing...but if you wanna chime in, it's all good.

After cruising around various Heroes forums and communities, I cannot help but ponder...

Am I the only one who does not find Sylar "hot"?

For those of you who do not watch Heroes, click here.

Apparently, the thug look is what *really* appeals to quite a few women (presumably). Yes, I think Sylar looks like a thug, as he should, considering he's a SADISTIC villain...that capitalized word being another turn-off, among other things.

As for real life, even out of character, I don't think Zachary Quinto is all that and a bag of chips...but, to quoteth Dennis Miller, that's just my opinion.

On that note, an almost belated Happy Valentine's Day. :D

Current Music: "No More, No More" by Aerosmith

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February 13th, 2007 - Canes vs. Kings: Random Musings and Observations

No, I haven't disappeared...just been a little busy over the last couple of days. The Week In Review for both last week and this week will be posted this upcoming Sunday or Monday.

- This was a boring game...yeah, the Canes dethroned the Kings*, but they didn't stop me from checking on my Heels and Dr. House every five-ten minutes or so.

- *sighs* Heels can beat Dook in Cameron Indoor Stadium, but can't beat the highly mediocre Wolfpack** or the so-so Snack Cakes***? The ACC AND NCAA tournaments are already shaping up to be veeeeeery interesting for my sky blue boys.

- Even the West Coast ads were boring.

- Hope Wallin and Whitney are least Whitney returned in the second period.

Current Music: "Massachusetts" by The BeeGees

* - THANK YOU CANES for finally getting rid of the creepy "Brindy! Brindy! Brindy!" commercial...despite the corny phrases the new ones sport. ("The Canes Will Dethrone The Kings" and "The Lights Will Go Down On Broadway" (New York Rangers) )

** - I *will* give the Pack credit in at least one regard...if there is any and one game they get up for, it is the UNC game. Something many forget, especially with all of the Dook hype, is that UNC/NC State was THE rivalry for sometime, particularly the 60's-70's, when Dook was not all that and a bag of chips at hoops. ESPECIALLY during the 70's, when Bucky Waters was coach at Dook.

*** - For those who may have forgotten, back during the 2004-05 season, Sean May was asked what he thought a (Virginia Tech) Hokie was. His answer? "Um...a snack cake?"

For the real story behind the Hokies nickname(s), click here.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random Crap

- Well, since everybody and their cousin admitted to it on Television Without Pity's Jeopardy! forum, I took the online Jeopardy! test a couple of weeks ago. Don't think I did good enough to get selected for an audition this year. But, be it this year, or sometime in the distant future, if there is one game show I hope to make an appearance on, it's definitely Jeopardy!.

- Believe it or not, got a couple of more drink recipes to share...

I'll start off with an old standby most lovers of the demon drink will be quite familiar with, be it through hearing about it and/or having a taste of it.

Long Island Iced Tea

1/2 oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Gin
1/2 oz. Rum
1/2 oz. Tequila
1/2-1 oz. Triple Sec
1 oz. (Sweet and) Sour Mix
Shake or stir. (I prefer stir, but like Martinis, it's whichever you feel makes for a better drink.)
Top with Cola. (Coca-Cola being most recommended.)
Garnish with a Lemon Slice. (Optional)

This and Sex On the Beach round out my pair of absolute favorite cocktails. SOtB being great for when I want something sweet, and this being wonderful for when I want something not as sweet (despite its containing cola) and/or with more tangyness. Depending upon how strong you tend to fix your drinks, I only recommend ONLY one or two Long Islanders, for a simple buzz and nothing more, as I prefer anyway.

With the heavy lemon flavor thanks to the Sweet and Sour Mix, I cannot help but wonder if Limoncello (Italian Lemon Liquor) would make for a nifty addition to the Long Islander. Just hafta cut down on the S&SM.

This other drink you are not going to find in most, if not all bartending books...I created it one night not super long ago when I craved a Mai Tai to go with an Asian meal I fixed. And, I wasn't going to let not having all of the required ingredients stop me...

Mock Mai Tai

2 oz. Rum
Equal parts of Pineapple Juice and Orange Juice.
Dash of Cranberry (Cocktail) Juice.
Dash of Grenadine.
1/2 oz. Triple Sec (Optional)
Stir or shake.
If shaken, fill glass with ice, and pour.

Tastes very similar to Sex On the Beach, yet a bit more citrusy, especially with the Orange Juice and Triple Sec. If you like, add a little more Cranberry Juice and/or Grenadine to make for that rather unique Mai Tai flavor. And as I mentioned, this goes GREAT with Asian food, especially of the hot and spicy variety.

- Not that the following is new in the blogging world...but have you seen that new Orville Redenbacher commercial? Actually, there are two versions of it...

Exhibit A: The commercial as it was first presented on the Internet, courtesy of the official Orville Redenbacher (Gourmet) Popcorn site.

Exhibit B: The commercial as it is currently being presented on TV.

Lack of screen recording software aside, note the HUGE difference between the two versions in the syncing of "Orville's" voice. What the h-e-double hockey sticks made the commercial's producers think that making the sound tape seem as if it was straight out of a Godzilla film would enhance the ad?!

Speaking of Godzilla, I pretty much agree with what the overall online community has said about "Orville", or Zombie Orville, as he is more lovingly called: Ohhhhhhh no, they say he's got to go, oh no.

Zombie Orville is uber-creepy. He brings back not-so-fond memories of when I was a wee one, and his visage peering out from the box of microwave (gourmet) popcorn would somehow give me the willies. Yes, as stupid as it sounds now, Orville Redenbacher, at least on the box, was to me what the Quaker Oatmeal guy was/is to Chuckie Finster.

But anyway, not to mention how it is just cold to "bring someone back from the dead" AND ESPECIALLY present them as if they have never died AND ALSO as if they dig iPods (or similar...many have said that's a Creative Zen Orville's holding, then prompting a few to wonder if ConAgra had been planning a MP3 player contest, only to ditch it at the last minute) AND hip-hop. Listen to that drum and bass pumping out from Zombie Orville's headphones...and then watch him grooving to it at the end. I don't know whether to go "Oh my god!" or "Oh brother...".

- Speaking of commercial boogeymen...this happens to be my most favorite ad from this year's Super Bowl:

- Is it just me, or does Mario Lemieux look like he is saying "Pull my finger!" on this Czech Stadion card?

Current Music: "Over My Head" by King's X

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Josef Vasicek Is Going Back To Raleigh, To Raleigh...

...I really think so.

And the 2002-03 Canes Reunion Saga STILL continues. *sighs*

As Dave Barry would say, have aliens from the planet Twinkie invaded Jim Rutherford's head?! Belanger for Big Joe?! Belanger is certainly a faster skater than the Condor. I thought we shipped off Josef for the very fact that he didn't really fit in with Laviolette's (usually) speedy system of play. o_O

So, who are we going after next? Jaroslav Svoboda? Sami Kapanen? long as it's not Peter Forsberg. And that's the only decent thing I can say about this overall trend.

Also, Ryan Bayda has been called up from Albany to the big club. Unless we hear otherwise, this appears to not bode well for either Erik Cole and/or Scott Walker, who got hurt in last night's Bruins affair, and are said to potentially have minor injuries.

Current Music: "Walkin' In A Hurricane" by John Fogerty

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February 8th, 2007 - Canes @ Bruins: Random Musings and Observations

- Scary to think that if it had not been for just Scott Walker's throwdown and Ray Whitney's natural hat trick in under two minutes*, the Canes might have fallen to the (pathetic) Teddybears once again. Before those two special events, the Canes were looking like they had reverted back to their good ol' mediocre selves once again.

- FSN South's new Hurricanes Live! thirty minute pregame show made its grand debut last night. Overall, I thought they did a pretty good job...even though John Forslund appeared to be channeling the spirit of Allen Ludden with his new spectacles. o_O

- Remember how I said the NESN guys are not all that bad afterall? Ha. Ha. HA. Between this game and the last game vs. the Poohins, I have heard more Whalers/Hartford and college basketball cracks about the Canes than I have read from still bitter Hartforders online.

Heck, last night, in the first five minutes of the game, the NESN guys immediately resorted to incredibly stupid and quite possibly offensive jokes about Bret Hedican and his highly famous figure skating wife, Kristi Yamaguchi. As the NESN "announcers" did such crap, they were sounding and laughing like thoroughly drunk ninnies, and I let out a "BZUH?!".

The only difference between those dorks and two slobs making fun of Sean Hill's wife, whom I had the misfortune of being behind me at the March 2nd, 2004 Canes game vs. Columbus, is that the NESN guys had to keep the Yamaguchi "jokes" "PG", 'cause afterall, they were on the tee-vee. *rolls her eyes*

- Speaking of drunk ninnies, if I did not know better, I'd swear some Buffalo fans did not take that left turn at Albuquerque and were in attendance at the TD BankNorth Garden (what an awful, AWFUL arena name...even though FleetCenter was a corporate-as-all-get-out name too, at least it was more catchy and rolled off the tongue a lot better than the current monstrosity)
according to one Ronnie Franchise at the Score Boards Canes MB...

"Fuller than it was the last couple times I was there, but still well shy of a sellout. Like I predicted yesterday, the Massholes stayed home and it was allllllll college kids for student night. Which meant a crowd completely disinterested in the game or any firm rooting interest. Students arriving in packs up to an hour into the game already pre-drunk, most of them with dates in-tow. And most of them turned around looking and shouting at their friends in other sections for blocs on end without even glancing at the ice, or taking pictures of each other with their camera phones. And their @#$% cell I care about who broke up or hooked up with so and so and who's having a party tomorrow night. And I especially don't like it when the fast-talker in the BC sweatshirt behind me spits beer droplets all over the place (and on my head) while he's jabbering with his friend back on campus about snowboarding this weekend and about how his "killer" 8-hour-a-week part-time job doesn't allow him to go out enough. I may have also been the only guy in my section wearing an authentic jersey, with cap turned forward instead of backward, sitting quietly with laser-like focus on the know, like a real fan. Not to mention I wasn't sporting the same spiky chia-pet facial hair as the other 37 guys in my section who had the same generic man-child goatee with turned-back baseball cap. And I didn't drag a date wearing three gallons of perfume, makeup, and hairspray out to the game...since nobody cares what you look like if you're spending the whole time staring at the ice like you're supposed to. Would you morons do this if Valentine's Day were a student night, too? And I definitely didn't scream at the Mighty Mites "Hey, kid, I your mom last night, and she was "...and certainly not as the only interest taken all night in what was going on on the ice.

Gah! I'm still a couple years from 30 and I've already moved to "Get off my damn lawn" phase with today's youth. I feel so old. The ignoramus behind me (beer-spitter's friend) was trying to impress his date with his extensive hockey acumen by shouting "Fight!" every time there was an offsides whistle, thinking he could will something into erupting (he of course dissapeared for like an hour when the ACTUAL fight happened, and had no idea it had taken place when he came back). "Dude, last time I was here I saw the Islanders...and there was this wicked brawl with 20 guys pairing off at once...say, is Thornton still on the team? No? When did that happen?" His girlfriend, who did know some hockey, was then telling him about a friend she had who played a season in Canadian juniors, and was talking about the real fighting that goes on there. Not to be upstaged by a girl, Know-It-All cut her off and said..."You mean, like the Providence Bruins junior, those guys fight all the time 'cause they're so pissed they got rejected by the NHL.


Yes, a bit long and wordy (is that anything like white and nerdy? sure sounds similar, which just dawned on me o_O)...but quite wonderful how it brings up how stupid A LOT of my peers and younger people are. *sighs and rolls her eyes*

- Uno Chicago Pizzaria and Grill looks a darn great place to eat...even if their one commercial almost made me check the DirecTV program guide to make sure the Canes weren't taking on the Blackhawks instead of the Bruins.

Current Music: "Mother Sky" by Skye Klad (Live Can Cover)

* - For those of you who don't read message boards and/or media guides/yearbooks, Ray Whitney's natural hat trick was not a record breaker for the fastest natural hat trick in NHL history...that honor going to a former Chicago Blackhawk named Bill Mosienko, who potted three goals in twenty-one seconds on March 23rd, 1952. *does her best Ben Stein* Wow.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


DOOK - 73

*does the Meposian Dance of Joy*

Current Music: "The Way You Move" by Outkast

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Babchuk Didn't Do As He Was Told

Anton Babchuk was supposed to be sent down to the Albany River Rats...but, has so far refused to join the AHL team.

As one of the rare few who's never exactly been wooed by this guy, this gives me all the more reason to say "trade his a**". Yes, he has a powerful slapshot...but if you ask me, that seems to be the only thing he's actually worked on. Anton certainly has not worked on his attitude, as this appears to strongly indicate.

The real tell-tale aspect of this situation will be if Anton doesn't show up for Friday's bout between the Rats and Admirals in Norfolk, VA. Something that I think is a high possibility, especially now that Babchuk has been suspended by Jim Rutherford and the Canes.

Current Music: "The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)" by Hawkwind

Edit as of 12:40 PM: It has dawned on me over the last thirty minutes or so that blaming Babchuk for the said turn of events may be a premature thing to do...especially after reading the following from ChickenParm in the above linked Score Boards thread...

"He may very well have just gone from getting more playing time because of a trade to being shipped out as a part of one. This is very bad form on the part of Babchuk... but I'm also going to express the caveat that I hope management was clear about why the move was being made and what the possibilities were for the next few weeks. If that happened and Babchuk understood (I don't know if there's a language barrier there at all), then count me in on the dogpiling."

Edit as of 1:42 PM: Parmers also points out something quite interesting about Chukker and his 'tude:

"Remember also that Babchuk has a bit of a history with a temper... 2 years ago, he hurled a water bottle at a kid after being heckled in Norfolk."

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February 6th, 2007 - Canes @ Canadiens: Random Musings and Observations

- At the risk of getting my hopes up a little early*, that "Fix the Canes" contest the Raleigh News and Observer started today/yesterday is going to get dated rather quickly if the Canes further extend the play they displayed in the Bell Centre tonight.

- I am more than convinced that hockey broadcasts are so much more fun when done in French. Just as long as Bobby Granger isn't
doing the translating...or the announcing.

- Even seeing the commercials done in Francais was a hoot...even though it was rather interesting in an ad or two to hear French being spoken, but also the background song's lyrics being in English. The ad *really* coming to mind in that regard being for a show/concert called "Piano Men" taking place somewhere in Montreal...the background song naturally being Billy Joel's** "Piano Man".

- The way Frankie Kaberle played tonight reminds me that I need to take him off of IR in a couple of a Fantasy Leagues.

- Well, if I am to believe
this, it sounds like I missed a good episode of House MD tonight, dagnabit.

Never fails...I get suckered into watching a rotten episode AND the Canes lose in the process. And then, I watch the Canes win AND miss a decent House in the process...I almost just can't win. ;)

Current Music: "First We Take Manhattan" by Leonard Cohen

* - The Canes taught me the hard way to not officially say they're back until they have won at least two-three games in a row...remember that successful Anaheim Duck hunt, AND THEN that New Year's buttkickin' by the Philly Flyboys? Um, yeah...

** - On YouTube, I recently discovered an awesome Billy Joel concert that should SO come to DVD...especially considering that it has some of the best damn songs in the pianist/keyboardist's catalogue...

"My Life"

"The Stranger"

"Movin' Out"

"Only The Good Die Young"

"Just The Way You Are"

And, saving the absolute best (IMnot-soHO) for last...

"Prelude/Angry Young Man"

"Scenes From An Italian Restaurant"

The only disappointment is that the concert doesn't feature "New York State of Mind", my new Billy Joel favorite over the past few weeks. But overall, very, VERY SWEET show...especially with "Prelude/Angry Young Man" and "Scenes...". Also, what a GREAT band Joel had then.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Fix the Canes"

The Raleigh News and Observer has come up with a new contest, where they want you to...well, "Fix the Canes".

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when the N&Oers start going through and reading the entries for this thing. I will be more than willing to bet that most, if not all of the responses will be no different from a lot of the prattling I've already read at various message boards. At those places, everybody and their cousin has blamed everyone from David Tanabe, to Andrew Hutchinson, to Jim Rutherford, to Peter Laviolette, to even Rod Brind'Amour for the Canes' Stanley Cup hangover and overall woes this season.

I would LOVE to be proven wrong, and that the winning entries in the contest end up proving that we have some decent and different thinkers (and writers) in the Caniac Nation, as I know we do. But as it stands, I would not be surprised if this contest ends up coming across as if the N&O does not pay attention to the MBs and/or blogs around them.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Stormbringer's Week In Review: January 29th-February 4th, 2007

Again, OUCH!!

And is its name Garfield?

Hey, can't knock them for at least trying to be "different"...

(I wonder if I'm the only person to have ever heard of the band in that article.)

I'm quite amazed that the pink milk wasn't turned into some kind of Valentine's Day marketing scheme.

If this doesn't make you go "Awwwwwww!", then you truly have a heart of stone.

Is it wrong that this article somehow makes me think of the Happy Flowers' "Mom, I Gave the Cat Some Acid"?

"It's a nice day for a...GREEN WEDDING!!"

Looks like they caught him by the skin of his teeth...literally.

Obviously, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious makes Mary Poppins feel atrocious.

Ooh la la...

Roll over Martha...

Somehow, I am not at surprised that this gained futher infamy on Ananova...

The scary thing? They would have somehow learned to do all of that anyway...

Um, based on the birds and deer we have here eating our winter driveway salt, I suspect it's more than the sheep...

Well, for once, someone's got a pretty danged good idea...

What they're not telling us is that it is actually a king-sized poster of Tiny Tim...

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

New Blogroll Addition Alert

Discovered this one through a posting at The Score Boards Canes MB...

Bish's Blog a.k.a. The Boston Bruins' Official Blog

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Friday, February 02, 2007

February 1st, 2007 - Canes vs. Lightning: Random Musings and Observations

- What's the point of gloating about being one of the rare few Caniacs to see this game on TV when the Canes once again stunk so bad that if a TV had "Smell-O-Vision", it would make a room smell even worst than Tuna Helper, a Bloomin' Onion, and Sauerkraut being prepared all at the same time?

- I still think Beef O'Bailey's (Ruby Tuesday's-like restaurant in Florida) looks like a darn good place to eat.

- Andre Roy is the most romantic member of the Lightning?! Way to take the bite out of one of your team's enforcers, Sunshine Sports...

- Speaking of the Lightning and Valentine's coming soon...Hockey Bay, USA was having a bachelor auction up through yesterday.

Ok, it wasn't a bachelor auction...but tell me the truth, THAT did get you to click on the link, didn't it? I know it did... ;P

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Turner/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Williams Street Pooted*

After thinking WAY TOO MUCH about the infamous Aqua Teen Hunger Force "bomb scare" this morning AND reading the various Adult Swim communities about it, I decided to share my two cents about the matter.

For those of you who have somehow not heard about the now infamous incident:
Click here first.

And for those of you too lazy to click on the link: Someone in Boston found an electronic "device" that looked like Err, a literally 8-bit character from ATHF, giving the finger. Turns out that such "devices" were scattered all over the city AND nine other cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland (OR), Austin (TX), San Francisco, and Philadelphia) AND are as harmless as your pinky AND were a mere guerilla marketing ploy by Turner/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Williams Street to get people to see their (more than likely horrible) ATHF movie coming to theatres in March. Two of the people hired by Turner to put out said "devices" have been arrested and are being held on bond.

Now for my two cents...and I warn you now that you are more than likely going to have to brace yourself...

While I do think they are going a bit far in arresting the people merely hired by Turner/Cartoon Network...for sure, I could not be the only one to have had the brains to see the "bomb scare" coming from a mile away.

Think about it, something a lot of people in the Adult Swim groups I read need to do: You place a lot of random electronics throughout a city, and NOT expect a bomb scare of some proportion whenever they're discovered, be it immediately OR two-three weeks like this instance? I'm sorry, but THAT is dumb, especially in this day and age.

Don't get me wrong, I was AND still am one of those who found the bomb scare involving
the homage to the Super Mario Bros. question blocks a few years ago stupid. But, those boxes did not have anything involving electronics. They were just cardboard and holographic paper in most instances.

Now, to make something clear: Yes, I do think Boston and the government are overreacting. BUT, at the same time, I really am not at all surprised by the turn of events AND think that Turner/CN should have known better.

So, in the end, I don't know what scares me more: The fact that I seem to be the only one of the opinion that Turner/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Williams Street did not think about every aspect of their campaign to realize that it *could* have been perceived the wrong way. OR, the fact that Aqua Teen Hunger Force has sucked since the folks at Williams Street decided to get rid of the Dr. Weird intros, and apparently, it has not dawned upon Turner/CN/AS/WS that they *really* need to quit beating what is getting to be a dead horse. But, because of this mess, you watch the movie that was(still is) being promoted become #1 at the box office when it's released. Afterall, as that saying goes..."There's no such thing as bad publicity."

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* - If you don't get the title, it comes from a series of billboards advertising Cartoon Network that said "I Pooted." and "I Have A Meat Beard.", and were up over last summer in at least Greensboro, Atlanta, and Rhode Island. After seeing pictures of them in a couple of LJ communities and the UNC Tar Heels board I occasionally read, I finally saw the Greensboro one in person passing through on I-40 when going down for my great aunt's funeral.

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