Friday, June 30, 2006

Puck Visualization System?!

So far, this appears to be nothing more than a figment of a hockey and/or invention nut's imagination. BUT, as long as Bettman is commissioner, I would not be the least bit surprised if he or one of his lackeys considered the PVS idea. Afterall, it was he and/or someone working for him that okayed the glowing puck on Fox waaaay back in 1997-98 or 1998-99. Which, makes you wonder if the person who came up with the PVS was either one of an extreme few fans of the glowing puck OR doesn't remember how atrocious that thing was...

"The worst innovation has to be the Fox glowing puck. Designed to assist American viewers who apparently had difficulty following a black puck on white ice (?!?), the "glowing puck" was terrible. An insult to American viewers, and a joke to hockey regulars, the puck turned broadcasts into a glamorized video game. While the virtual first-down marker enhanced the football viewing experience, seeing cometlike pucks soaring around a rink only hurt the NHL's efforts to market the sport in the U.S. Fortunately, the failure of the glow puck scrapped the league's plan to have players play without skates, thereby slowing the game down so people could better follow the action."

If they thought the Fox glowing puck was like a "glamourized video game"...they *really* need to view
this. The glowing puck was AND still is bad enough...but imagine if the puck not only glowed but also "celebrated" each goal... I don't know about you or others, but that would drive this hockey fan (Who immediately grew accustomed to watching the puck WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE, *gasp*, what a concept!) bonkers. o_O

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Andrew Hutchinson Inked For A Deuce

Hey Jes, are you planning to do a cheese dog bet again? Us Caniacs are waiting with baited breath... ;D

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The NHL *Is* Bigger Than Wayne Gretzky

Click. Laugh. Thank me for happening upon this gem.

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Lord Stanley Express Update

In my previous post about Lord Stanley's wherabouts, I noted that it would be in New York City for not only a photo shoot or two at a FHM/VH1 event, but also to appear on the Late Show With David Letterman. Well, it looks like the bit about David Letterman is false, at least according to Mike Sundheim...

"Erik Cole flew out to Los Angeles last week to film a segment with Carson Daly for Last Call with Carson Daly, which airs on NBC at 1:35 a.m. Cole's appearance on the show will air Friday night (or Saturday morning, technically). Cam Ward and Eric Staal are flying to New York on Thursday morning to begin a media tour with the Stanley Cup. Included on their tour are:

  • VH1 Top 20 Countdown Show - Eric and Cam will appear with host Matt Pinter for this weekend's edition of the countdown
  • SI For Kids - Eric will do a sit-down interview and photo shoot for the magazine
  • FHM - Eric and Cam will be a part of a photo shoot for the major publication
  • ESPNNews Interview - Cam will appear on 4 Quarters on Thursday
  • Cold Pizza - Both players will be in studio on Cold Pizza on Friday morning"

I must be the only one to think cold pizza makes for a horrible breakfast AND therefore, an awful morning sports show name. And I know there are people out there who think cold pizza is a great breakfast...I knew somebody in tenth grade who couldn't get enough of the stuff at lunchtime. Bleeeeech...

Anyhoo, another update regarding Brind'Amour and Commodore*'s Campbell River swim session...somebody actually took a picture of them AND the Cup keeper caught in the middle of the act...

The accompanying article is beyond this link:

* - Hey, that rhymes!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Buffaloes' New Clothes

Please excuse me for one moment.

(steps out of the room)


(comes back in and clears her throat)

Ok. Saying "YUCK." and "Fugly" is putting it rather mildly, IM(NS)HO.

It probably wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for that buffalo head thinking it's Halley's Comet.

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Edit as of June 29th, 11:45 AM: OK. This image, originally posted in the above link, is simply too rich to not post here...

I'm also diggin' this quote from fellow LiveJournaler, Mmmmjournal...

"WTF? Why are they using Donald Trump's hair for their logo?"

Y'know, I've never realized it until just now, but Barney Rubble *does* bear a striking resemblance to Donald Trump... o_O

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Frankie Stays In Raleighwood

Better I be late with this news than never....

...yeah, I know someone beat me to the title, but it's *that good*, OKAY?!

Since the main ones of my blogging cohorts have beaten me to the news, I'll just take the short and simple route with my thoughts, and quote dear old Martha...

"It's a good thing."

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Maverick and Dolphin Make A Run For Penguins

No, I'm not talking about a Top Gun sequel...

1. I never knew that Dan Marino liked hockey.

2. So I guess the rumors of Mark Cuban having a hand in the ownership of the Dallas Stars are quite untrue.

"Cuban, a Mt. Lebanon native who owns the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA, confirmed that he has joined Murstein in offering to buy the Penguins. Cuban said by e-mail that he's interested in owning the team only if it remains in Pittsburgh."

I used to not be a huge fan of Mr. Cuban...BUT, if he can keep my second favorite NHL team in Steeltown, I can get used to somewhat liking the dude, regardless of his notorious attitude. Not to mention that fat wallet of his...something the Penguins desperately need, with no thanks to Howard Baldwin.

With hockey not starting until September, I think I've found a new team to pull for during the time of "no sports blues"*.

* - I *do* like tennis and golf...but by my comment, I'm referring to team sports. Yes, I know about the MLB and World Cup. No, I don't care for beisbol or soccer.

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"I'm Alright..."

"...don't nobody worry about me."

Actually, be quite glad I am able to write this today AND in upcoming days...yours truly was in an ATV accident yesterday. My ATV sputtered out near the bottom of my family home's mountainside driveway, and even though I was pressing as hard as I could on the brakes, I fell backwards down the drive into the long grass and then the woods on the side...where the ATV turned over and I plopped out as it came to rest against a tree. I immediately knew I was lucky to be alive AND only have maybe a small bruise or two. Other than that AND a couple of blisters on my feet from having to walk barefoot ('cause I lost one of my seven plus year old Birkenstocks as I went down) up 7/8ths of the half mile long and practically all uphill drive, I'm amazingly fine and practically unscathed. If anything, I'm feeling the effects of the strenuous walk to my house more-so than any effects from the crash.

*Very needless* to say, I was quite shook up by the event yesterday, and *really* was not in a writing mood until today.

After surviving that, maybe I ought to consider a career as a stunt person...if I had any doubts as to being in decent shape, they certainly are gone now.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One Small Step For Jim Rutherford... (hopefully) giant leap for Canesdom.

Chris over at The Penalty Killer is doing a swell job of keeping track of who's been re-signed/tendered and who's not. Check it out.

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Two To Start Tuesday

ESPN calls Pete Karmanos a 'scumbag' and 'douchebag'. Nothing too new, especially given how ESPN (or the 'Four Letter Network', as
one of my blogging allies likes to call 'em) and their hatred for the Canes/Whalers goes back further than 1997. The move to North Carolina certainly did not help matters any. Contrary to popular belief, ESPN's hatred of the Whale came about not because of the move, but because as early as either 1991 or 92, ESPN started being left out of getting freebies (tickets, goodies, etc.) from the guys next door. Yep, that's it. Makes their obvious biasness against the WhalerCanes all the more flaming stupid, eh?

And the next stops on the Lord Stanley Express are...

Thursday - New York City: The Late Show With David Letterman and a VH1/FHM Magazine event.

Friday - Still NYC and the VH1/FHM event.

Previous stops...

Sunday evening - The Campbell River in British Columbia (Brindy and Commie were spotted swimming with Stanley)

Monday - Montreal: Boffey Silversmiths, official repairers of the Cup.

Also worth noting is that Colesey *will* be on Last Call With Carson Daly afterall...this Friday.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Pimp My Dungeon

I escaped from the Dungeon of Stormbringer10!

I killed Mmmmjournal the nymph, Mejustpurely the floating eye, Ladyblakeney the mind flayer, Chichialmonds the zombie, Brassbonanza the kobold, Dantendo64 the mind flayer and Thepoolpanther the arch-demon.

I looted the Sword of Stormshaman, the Amulet of Hugh Laurie, the Axe of Alliebebe, the Dagger of Stephen King, a Figurine of Tribechick13 and 245 gold pieces.

Score: 320
Explore the Dungeon of Stormbringer10 and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Yeah, it's a LiveJournal thang...but I figure why not show it off here too? It's too danged fun to not do so...
Cam Ward's Humble Beginnings

Did you know Wardo started out on the opposite side of the crease? *does her best Martin Short* I did not know that!!

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Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Picture Book Page Five - Rod Brind'Amour's Swimming Pool

I wonder if Lord Stanley took a dip there like
he/it did at Mario Lemieux AND Patrick Roy's houses...

"In 1991, The Cup was found at the bottom of Pittsburgh Penguin Mario Lemieux's swimming pool. (Lemieux also once brought the Cup with him to bed.)
The Cup also lay at the bottom of Patrick Roy's pool."

While searching for the link about the infamous Penguin and/or Canadien parties, I happened to come across this...

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The Amazing Alex Ovechkin

What can this kid not do?

So far, he's been picked numero uno at his respective NHL Draft, has been willing to learn English, has won the Calder, has proven to be a good speechmaker, AND has shown a knack for being a future PR person via his being the official Draftee greeter for the Capitals at this year's NHL Draft.

And in just (what will be) his second season in the NHL, Ovey already finds himself as the cover boy for the latest installment of Electronic Arts' NHL video/computer game franchise. This, coupled with what has been quite a career start for the guy, will make the "EA Cover Curse" that much more interesting to are the past curse combatants and their results.

So far, as the linked article notes, the only NHL star to suffer from the said "curse" has been Dany Heatley, who appeared on the cover for EA's NHL 2004. I don't think it needs to be said what happened to Heatley...

Thankfully, with the exception of Heatley, the "curse" has yet to affect any other NHLers. That said, I won't be worrying too much...that is, until Ovey or someone makes an endorsement deal with Campbell's Soups, or the Canes appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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Edit as of 4:39 PM: And now Ovey's up for two more than a bunch of other nominees.

Edit as of 10:10 PM: Fellow Caps fan and author of the above linked post, JP, made me aware of the following post regarding the EA NHL video game curse...

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Canes Cup Cotton Wars

The following poll was inspired by this...

Which Stanley Cup shirt do you think looks best?

I personally think both shirts look very nice...but I'm quite curious as to what you Caniac (AND general NHL fan) frequenters of this here place think. So, please respond with your pick and thoughts! :D

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Picture Book - Page Four: Rod Brind'Amour's Charity Golf Tournament

Plenty of good pictures and descriptions to go along with them. The only real downer being no real up close pictures of the Cup. But, that may actually not be a bad thing, considering that the Cup was dropped by Canes equipment man, Wally Tatomir (bless his heart), resulting in a crack in the Cup part. Which will be fixed in September, when the band is updated with the Canes, their winning season and names.

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Peter Laviolette, Jeff Daniels, and Kevin McCarthy Re-Signed

Between these and the Brindy re-signing, can we get a big fat "THANK YOU!!!" to JR?


I can't hear you.



Though, with all due respect to Mr. McCarthy, I cannot help but scratch my head at this...

"Kevin McCarthy promoted to Associate Head Coach"

Why? Even though the Canes won Lord Stanley AND with the exception of a few games here and there, their power play was crap during a lot of the season and playoffs. And guess who is in charge of the power play? (does her best angry sounding Inspector Clouseau) Kato...quite unfortunately, the Tripp Tracy article about how McCarthy got that name is gone from the Canes' official site, and has been for sometime. :(

All of that said, I'm surprised that J.D. did not land the Associate Head Coach job. But, I suppose that's 'cause he's not been an Assistant Coach as long as Kato...

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Edit as of 3:50 PM : link - courtesy of Red and Black Hockey.
Jimmy Buffett Canes Shirts?

Hey, why not? Raleigh *does* have a HUGE Parrothead fanbase, afterall.

I'm not a huge Buffett fan, but I cannot deny how good and fun some of his songs were/are...particularly "Cheeseburger In Paradise", "Volcano", "Margaritaville", and "Changes In Lattitudes"...the latter's lyrics I've actually got/had a shirt mentioning. I loved that shirt and actually wore it in middle school, though I was probably the only one who knew the shirt's significance and/or where the words on its back came from.

The only change I'd make to DiamondDan's suggestion? Have the shirts feature the last names OR nicknames of the Canes instead of the first names. I realize he probably said that with the Adams family in mind, but people tend to remember and/or refer to the last names/nicknames of athletes more than the first names. But, just my shave, haircut, and two bits.

Another Jimmy Buffett memory while I'm thinking about it: I don't know about now, but a few years ago, Buffett tickets would sell out within an hour, if not faster in the Triangle area. Back when WRDU 106.1 was good, one evening, one of the DJs decided to make fun of the Buffett Raleigh/Triangle ticket sales phenomenon. So he called up TicketMaster, and doing his best Apu impression, the DJ proceeded to p*ss off the female TicketMaster worker, who told him a thousand times that the Buffett tix were sold out, by constantly stating how he had 200-300 family members coming from India AND that they *had* to absolutely see Jimmy Buffett AND that nothing else would do for their family reunion celebration.

Maybe it *really* helped that I was 12-13 years old at the time, but I'll be darned if that was not some of the funniest crap I have ever heard on a radio.

* - You could tell that the woman was trying to stifle laughing, but was overall ticked about being bothered like that.

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Stormbringer's Weeks In Review: June 19th-25th, 2006

But how long did it last? I assume that's what makes it a world record...

How's THIS for nitpicky?

I don't see how the Cleveland Indians and their fans can use the "The Tribe" nickname seriously after this soccer world revelation...

I'm *very willing* to be she uses Dannon yogurt in the batter for the fish...

Spreading $40,000 worth of 'sunshine'? Yeah, I'd say he was drunk...

The only thing that would make this incident more ironic was if the woman's hair was/is blonde.

[very bad joke/reference]That law's all that and a bag of chips![/very bad joke/reference]

What? The real Robin Hood didn't steal from the rich and give to the poor? That's no fun...

Yeah, the dress was big...but what about getting married at 16 (bride) and 17 (groom)?!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The "Everybody's Doing It, So I'm Doing It Too" 2006 NHL Draft Post

If the title's any indication, don't expect an in-depth post about this year's NHL Draft in Vancouver. I have to admit that whether it happens in the afternoon or evening*, I find the Draft rather boring. It *really* helps to be there in person, like J.J., the prestigious owner of the Canucks Hockey Blog. BUT, even in person, the Draft tends to drag. I'll never forget how even though I had a great time at the 2004 Draft in Raleigh, ever since the second round, I could not wait for the Draft itself to be close to ending for the day so the card/collectible tables would open back up and yours truly could get back to work on *really* starting her Francis collection. And to be further honest, when I think back on the 2004 Draft, I like to remember not only the said collectibles I obtained that day (including a custom-made Ronnie Francis rookie figure!), but also the GREAT times I had with my friends that afternoon AND evening at the post-Draft main day party.

Anyhoo, I think the biggest and most noteworthy news Canes-wise...and nothing else comes close based on what I've seen and read that the rumors involving Jack Johnson going to Pittsburgh for a higher draft pick with which to go after Jordan Staal, one of Eric's three younger brothers, has been quelled by...(insert drumroll here) Steeltown snatching up Jordan themselves! (insert cymbals crashing here)

Personally, I don't mind Jordan becoming Penguin property...'course it helps that, as I have noted here a few times, the Pens happen to be my second favorite team. And it don't get cooler than possibly having a member of hockeydom's next greatest family on two of your fave teams.

BTW, I probably would have watched the Draft if it hadn't been for tonight being not only The Red Green Show hour night, BUT ALSO the debut of Jeeves and Wooster on the local PBS. And this Blackadder/Hugh Laurie nut has been dying to see that for sometime.

* - Ironically enough, the NHL Draft was moved from being an afternoon event to a nighttime one as of this year because of it "becoming more exciting and generating a bigger TV audience", or so the League claimed.

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Edit as of June 25th, 4:55 PM: Posted the following at Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed, and felt it needed to be posted here too...

I was there at the 2004 Draft in Raleigh…and though my Draft blog post may not speak all that highly about the Draft portion of the event, there *were* great moments I enjoyed. Namely, as David Lee mentioned, when Gretzky took to the podium. Everything about that, from the Great One himself to everyone going nuts for him, was golden. Not to mention when the Canes went higher up in First Round draft order AND when they acquired Andrew Ladd. One could not truly feel the energy from those times as well through a TV as they could in person.

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Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Picture Book - Page Three: The Hillsborough Street Parade

These are GREAT pictures of the second Stanley Cup parade held in Raleigh...but, what is up with magnet name plates on the cars? I realize the team has picked up a lot of bandwagoner fans (as any Lord Stanley winning team is bound to do), BUT do they *really* need help identifying the players? I can understand having the name plates for staffers/front office types like Wally Tatomir, Skip Cunningham, Chris Huffine*, Jim Rutherford, Jason Karmanos, and even John Forslund, Tripp Tracy, and Chuck Kaiton. BUT the players? My faith in mankind is starting to sink if nobody can learn to look at the backs of the jerseys the players are wearing.

Honestly...even without the jerseys, how can anyone not recognize Mike Commodore (especially considering this parade *was* before the charity haircut) or Rod Brind'Amour?! That'd be just as bad as people not recognizing Ron Francis, Jeff O'Neill, or Arturs Irbe back in 2002 or earlier, when they used to be in the occasionally seen advertisements for the team. Hell, even before I seriously got into the Canes and hockey, I at least knew who Ron Francis was, his being the figurehead for the team and all at the time.

And just 'cause it needs to be noted, this tirade probably wouldn't exist if the players were not wearing their jerseys.

* - Just wanted to give a shout-out to the Canes' video coordinator, whom I somewhat knew through his being/having been the boyfriend of one of the secretaries of my family's old chiropractor when we used to live in Raleigh.

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Overclocked Remix AND YTMND of the Week!

I know I featured the Blood On the Asphalt - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo soundtrack remix project a couple of weeks ago...

...but I honestly cannot help that there is a remix from that, of Chun-Li's theme to be precise, on which I have been seriously hooked lately. AND I cannot believe that "Flying Heaven", a take on Fei-Long's theme, has gotten its own page instead of "I Don't Fight Boys". "Flying Heaven"'s ok, but not great...then again, I'm just a little biased since the only Bruce Lee knockoff characters I have ever liked was/is the Law father and son duo from the Tekken series.

Now that the Carolina Hurricanes' hunt for Lord Stanley is over...they can hunt for Mario!

The Good News: No More Luongo Eight Days A Week!

Er...eight times a season.

The bad news: We get to deal with Bertuzzi's a**...and Alexander Auld too. Actually, the latter doesn't sound too bad, though knowing the Canes' luck at times, Auld will probably turn out to be the perfect glove for the Panthers' paws.

At least we'll (hopefully) only deal with Bert's mug and 'tude for one season...that's how long his puddytat contract will last.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Speaking of Rod Brind'Amour... I was doing my weekly Francis collectible perusing on eBay, and came across this.

I understand that hockey player autographs can be hard to make out, but geez...any danged fool should be able to tell the difference between Ronnie and Roddy's autographs!!

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Brindy Agrees To Five Year Dilly-O With Canes

Call him ugly, captain, warchief, whatever you wish...but Brindy is officially there to stay, there to play in Raleigh.

Really, did anyone honestly expect Roddy to leave the Canes?

Next up on Jimmy Rutherford's agenda *should* be Peter Laviolette.

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Commodore Goes Hairless For A Good Cause

Even though it was for charitable purposes, I think these say it all:

I never thought I'd say this, but I already miss the magical 'fro. When Commie wore sunglasses and had the playoff beard, he looked like Jeff Lynne with that thing.

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The Anaheim Batarangs?

I may or may not get tossed into the frying pan for this, but how can anyone remotely like the new logo, color scheme, and jerseys?!

As I somewhat noted in the title, the logo looks too much like an anime version of Batman's most famous weapon. I know it's supposed to be a duck's foot...but as Cason remarked, did they *really* have to focus on that particular part of a duck? Was the team formerly known as the Mighty Ducks worried that Duck Head would get on their butts about using their logo? Unless I've missed something, Duck Head does not own the rights to a male Mallard's head (or tail) a matter of fact, I remember seeing a few years ago, when my dad was starting to really get into stock trading, the occasional ad for some stock outfit that had a male Mallard's head as their logo.

Anyhoo, at least the old logo had hockey elements with the duck head shaped old-timey goalie mask and crossed sticks. Would it get me lynched to say that I actually kind of liked it? Especially when compared to the new logo, which highly reeks of minor-league.

The color scheme...I honestly cannot tell if it's supposed to be gold and green or gold and black. But either way, not the most original colors in the universe, as the Stars or Pens would be quite willing to point out. Not only were eggplant and teal original, but I also never thought they were *that bad looking*, like a ton of people and their brother and cousin.

I don't like the jerseys either...and I honestly do not know why. I suppose it's just that they are rather "blah" looking. And the logo and colors do not help that one bit.

To paraphrase Jon Lovitz, it (all) stinks!

BTW, while I'm at it, why did the (Mighty) Ducks, of all teams, get the "More Cowbell" shirt?

I saw that on the store front page one night, and thought "I'd SO LOVE to get a Carolina Hurricanes version of that.", only to find out that the Selannes are the only ones to have such a shirt made for them. Can I get a "That sucks!"?

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Edit as of 4:55 PM: Sorry about the double post earlier...somehow didn't even realize I did that until just a few minutes ago. *blushes*

Edit as of 6:55 PM : I think the Ducks like, no, LOVE their new duds...

(Stolen from HockeyNation.)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Colesey On Last Call With Carson Daly Tonight

I'd watch if the music/good interview lover in me did not hate Carson with the passion of ten flaming suns.

And at least forty-four people appear to agree with me.

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Edit as of June 23rd, 3:10 AM: And apparently, according to the now most recent responses at the top-most link, Cole was a no-show tonight.
The 2006 NHL Awards

After reading some initial comments, I was a little worried that the Canes were getting overlooked. But thank you NHL for easing my fears and giving Brindy a MUCH DESERVED Selke.

But, regarding the Jack Adams Award...I realize it was pretty neck and neck between Lindy "Hulk Hogan" Ruff and Peter Laviolette. BUT WHY LINDY?!?! Obviously, the Jack Adams is not given out based on amount of class. That said, I really would not mind Lindy getting his mitts on the award if he had not said all of that classless sh*t against the Canes during the Eastern Conference Finals. But of course, I also realize that Lindy won by one vote...probably Bettman's. (sighs and rolls her eyes)

In all honesty, I did not really watch the NHL Awards show...but apart from what I mentioned above, sounds/reads like I didn't miss a whole lot. Especially on the entertainment front...they couldn't get Mike Myers to do the comedy bits? He's a hockey fan too AND ESPECIALLY actually funny, unlike whoever was on tonight. I'm also not surprised that the band was supposedly crappy...I don't know what it is about hockey and bad music sometimes. o_O

Current Music: "It's On" by Boney James

Edit as of 11:32 PM: I just read here that Lindy said something in his speech that sounded like an apology to Lavy. If that's true, then I somewhat take back what I said above...I say "somewhat" because I'll never be all that fond of the crap Lindy said during the ECF.

Oh, and BTW, it's Lady BYNG!! Not BING!! Can't believe all the people misspelling that...
Big Ten Conference To Get Its Own Cable Channel

What's next? The Toronto Maple Leafs getting their own channel? Oh, wait...

This kind of lends irony to the "big deal" ACC/Big Ten Challenge men's hoops contest held annually during November on ESPN...the ACC can clean the Big Ten(Eleven)'s clocks at that thing every year, but they sure can't beat 'em at landing their own network.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to say that while I certainly don't expect a "Gale Force TV" to be formed anytime soon (even after the Canes winning Lord Stanley), I'd love to see the Canes get their own TV show back, even if I cannot see it here in VA/WV. (Seemingly) Every other NC athletic team has their own show...even Dook Football!! The next big step in building a (what is already getting to be quite the) massive fanbase would definitely be Fox Sports South *finally* letting the Canes get their Sunday morning show back, which was dumped at the end of the 2001-02 season, IIRC.

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What Would Happen If House MD Was Adapted Into A Manga?


I may be the only one, but I swear that looks highly Fullmetal Alchemist-esque... o_O

Current Music: "Lust For Life" by Iggy Pop
Buy Somethin', Will Ya?

My Boutique of Madness is now officially up and running...

Current Music: "Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image
Lobotomies According To Dr. Tripp Tracy

This was/is too danged rich to pass up...

"You saw the sequel to Silence of the Lambs? Where the guy did the lobotomy on that guy? If you were doing a lobotomy on Staal, you would find a brain that thinks the game so well."

Oh the things I miss when I don't have access to the lovely CBC. God, I wish DirecTV would offer Canadian channels/feeds all the time AND not just on Center Ice...

It's quotes like that one that actually make me miss seeing/hearing Tripp Tracy, in all of his glorious nutheaded-ness, throughout almost an entire regular season. Now, as much as I've dug Center Ice this past season AND hope to dig it some more in future seasons, I was/will be lucky to pick up the John and Tripp Show for at least fifteen-twenty games.

As followers of moi since 2003 (when I regularly updated my (now defunct) Canes replaced by my blogs) can tell you, I've always had an obsession with getting on Tripp about his quirks. In 2002-03 and 2003-04, Tripp had quite the fixation with food, making for some downright amusing moments with John Forslund (and Rod Brind'Amour in the extreme latter part of 2002-03, when he'd hang out in the press box while letting his wrist heal). He's kept that fixation this past season...and added to it quite the obsession with groins. o_O Then again, I guess that was quite inevitable with not only the HUGE rash of groin injuries throughout 2005-06, but also Tripp's infamous exchange with Sean Hill about the latter's groin being named "Ginger", which took place during the first intermission of the November 1st, 2003 game at Tampa Bay.

Don't ask me how I remember the contents of that last sentence...which, believe it or not, I did not make up. O_O And if I still had the game recorded (which I did *very briefly* until the next game a couple of days later), I would find a way to upload that rather surreal player interview onto YouTube or something similar...just to prove that I'm (somewhat) not crazy.

BTW Tripp, I believe you are thinking of Hannibal.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

And Even Though the Canes Have Finally Won Lord Stanley...

...there's still always someone wanting to get in their licks against the team. In this instance, it's Tom Sorensen, a Charlotte Observer columnist.

Obviously, dudeman is not aware of how Charlotte happens to have a hockey team by the name of the Checkers. AND, according to this, hockey has been quite prevalent in the Queen City since at least 1956.

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Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Picture Book - Pages One and Two

I'll just let the links and their contents do the talking. :D

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Monday, June 19, 2006



I think I sum it up for the entire Caniac Nation: Fans, players, crew (including the front office), AND all former players/members still keeping tabs with the organization when I say:

OH! MY! FRANCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My musings and observations...

- The Canes simply could not have played a better game tonight. I don't know if it was Lavy or Brindy OR some kind of mojo. But to who OR whatever hammered into the Canes' heads that they have to play sixty minutes or darn well close to it...THANK YOU!!

- Cam Ward getting the Conn Smythe...boy, was I good in picking that one a mile away.

- I cannot AND probably will NEVER get over how the Canes did this on the very season that my Ronnie Francis, the player AND his traditional number, retired. When they showed the very man beholding the game with ten minutes remaining, I didn't want to say anything until it was official, but I KNEW the Canes were going to do it.

- The Stanley Cup schwag looks AWESOMELY SCHWEET. Especially
this and that

- Once again:

OH! MY! FRANCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NBC, Egghead, I mean, Pierre McGuire; OLN, Craig MacTavish, Ryan Smyth, Lindy Ruff, Daniel Briere, Martin Brodeur, AND all of your respective teams and their fans...I take back every single nasty thing I've said about all of you throughout this year's playoffs. Yes, I'm quite the gracious winner like that. ;P :D

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We Break This Pre-Game Vow of Silence To Bring You the Following Public Service Message:

Pierre McGuire is a buttmunch.

Do your part, support Chuck Kaiton and John Forslund, and have Egghead's prattlings fall upon deaf ears.

Thank you. And now you may go back to your pre-Game Seven silence, meditations, rituals, whatever-else already in progress.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all dads and dads-to-be within the Caniac Nation AND beyond! :)

AND a Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney, who turns 64 today. Too bad he no longer has someone to need him and feed him...yeah, I couldn't resist that. ;P

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Edit as of 1:48 PM: Was inspired by Abel To Yzerman's "Happy Father's Day" post to include the above images...yeah, I couldn't decide between the two.

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Stormbringer's Weeks In Review: June 5th-18th, 2006

Can't afford a Ferrari? Just knit one.

Does it make me a mean person if I admit that I laughed at this?

Good thing the RBC Center wasn't built with just one restroom...

Hey, if David Hasselhoff's "singing" is huge over there...I believe anything can be.

How can it be called a protest if the people participating look like they're having a good time and/or Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In rejects? (PG-13/work safe warning)

(insert the Peter Gunn theme here)

Is Hell a suburb of Detroit?

Is this *really* a shock with the retro craze going on right now?


Sure, the speakers are moisture resistant...but an IPod/portable media player is not.

This lends new meaning to "Take a bite out of crime."...

This makes me wish that Bluefield had an Indian food restaurant.

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Canes/Oilers - Game Six: Random Musings and Observations

After reading the boards tonight AND
a certain most favorite ever player of mine's blog over the past couple of days, I think a few disclaimers are in order before I proceed with my thoughts on tonight's game:

1. Don't expect a "Rah-rah!" mentality a few lapses here and there, I have always tried to be a realistic minded fan. Just because I'm realistic does not mean I am not "a true fan".

2. Speaking of those last three words in quotes, don't you dare try to start that sh*t up here. It's bad enough having to wade through such crap at the boards AND in Ronnie's blog. Not to mention how I carry a nice, delete/ban stick AND am not afraid to use it, should anyone try to start chaos here.

3. Just like my realistic-ness/criticism, just because I'm sarcastic with my thoughts and comments does not mean I am not "a true fan".

4. Read #2 again.

OK, now that I've gotten all of that out...

- I'm so sorry if this hurts certain people's feelings, but my gawd, the Canes could not get anymore rotten than they were tonight.

- The Canes didn't just not go for the jugular again, they flat out fell asleep on the hunt. Where was the skating, on which Lavy and Co. prided themselves? Where was ANY SORT of retaliation? If there's anything that royally gets to me right now, it's how the Oil have one-upped the Canes in having a freakin' enforcer. I may not be all that fond of Georges Laraque, but he is the sort of player the Canes are sorely missing.

- That said, it's not like the Canes don't have an enforcer...they have guys that can do that as a double-role. I'm looking at you Craig Adams AND ESPECIALLY Mike Commodore. I would think if anyone would be willing to put up their dukes, you would Robe-Boy. You sure haven't been afraid to do such stuff, that is, until tonight.

- Yeah, I'm being down on the Canes AND in general. BUT, who can't be feeling that way right now? Bottom line is It sucks to see your favorite team have a 3-1 lead go down the toilet like the Canes have. I never thought I'd say this, but just ask fans of the Red Wings, particularly those who remember 1942.

- BUT, you know something? I may be feeling down and out, but not to the point that I'm going to jump on the "OH MY GOD!!!!11!!1!11!!! The Canes won't do it!! The end of the world is here!!" bandwagon. Even if the Canes lose Game Seven, I won't like it AND more than likely will piss and moan about it here, but I will move on AND remain a fan of the Canes. AND I certainly hope people don't dump their fandom just because their team were Finalists. Better to be Finalists than First Round losers like many had the Canes painted at a certain point in the Carolina/Montreal series. But unfortunately, you just can't please everyone, as I'm aware AND constantly learn anyway.

- For the sake of karma, I'm not even going to post if I think the Canes are going to win or otherwise. BUT, I think all of you know what I certainly want to happen...

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Edit as of 12:53 PM: Honestly can't believe I forgot to mention this...but, besides Cam Ward, the only other player to look fairly decent last night was Erik Cole, who made quite the surprising, as in absolutely last minute, return. When I first heard about Colesey's intentions, I was rather concerned. But very thankfully, he played and never got badly scathed. Erik may not have scored, but he's back ladies and gentlemen.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Overclocked Remix AND YTMNDs of the Week AND A Few Extras!

In honor of tonight's Stanley Cup Finals game, I shall post things that should somehow be filtered into the Oilers' locker room before the game AND during the intermissions...bwahahahahahah!! >;)

If only there was a way to get Tripp Tracy to do lead vocals on that. >;D

I swear, even in just the two seconds it takes to copy the URL, I almost turned into a zombie listening to that site's audio. O_O

And if, for some odd-butt reason, those aren't enough...

That last link...I dare all of you to listen to all four minutes and twenty-five seconds of that sucker. I somehow did, and I'm not anymore insane than I already least I hope. o_O

BTW, do not be shy about other suggestions, Canes fans... :D


Friday, June 16, 2006

The Canes Lose Weight

No, I'm not talking about them feeling the results of taking part in a Nutrisystem and Tai-Bo marathon...

Hmmmmm...I wonder who the Oil faithful are going to boo, now that their target is out? Unfortunately, if I had to guess and/or was a betting person, I'd go with Brindy...afterall, when the Oil Nation isn't declaring the man "ugly", they are pointing their fingers and tattling about how he is a cheater. *sighs and rolls her eyes*

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jay Leno: "Nobody Watches Hockey!!"

So I'm watching Jay Leno's monologue (Don't ask.), and his big joke of the night is how NBC is featuring hockey...that won't help the slumping network because nobody watches hockey!!


An ass with a *highly short-term* memory...he has apparently forgotten how he interviewed a (then) future star of 'that game nobody watches' almost a year ago.

Current "Music" - The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Again, don't ask.)
The Unlucky Penny Revisited

Just when I was starting to think Craig MacTavish was a HUGE breath of fresh air over Lindy Ruff...along comes this veeeeery interesting tidbit:

BigKahunaNC posted:
"If you saw the video of them chipping that coin out, it clearly shows MacTavish AND Smyth out there hacking away at center ice. Classless. That's just as disrespectful as the antics pulled by Terrell Owens at midfield in Dallas."

Someone else said:
"They also said it wasn't just Smyth hacking away at it. Did you see the hole they left?? "

BKNC posted in response: "Before the game last night, they clearly showed MacTavish and Smyth hacking away at the ice. They had NO business messing with the ice."

I can't help but feel like Hyena regarding this disgraceful act by the Oil...

Hyena posted: "this whole situation disgusts me to no end. how dare they?"

So, I'm left with no choice...*gets up her best Scottish brogue* Damn you Trebek!

Seriously, I cannot be the only one to notice how, from certain angles, MacTavish bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain Jeopardy! host...

As if we didn't need any more proof of why Alex *really* needs to grow his moustache back. o_O

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More Kudos!!

Over the past couple of days, the following blogs have linked to moi...

Covered In Oil

850 the Buzz

Off-Wing Opinion

Unfortunately, I am fresh out of toaster-ovens. But, I have boxes of Rice-A-Roni, which I'll throw in with the honorable addition to my blogroll/links, a Ron Francis bobblehead, and ten air miles.

Keep those hits a coming! :)

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Edit as of 1:43 PM: Added Off-Wing Opinion! :)
Canes/Oilers - Game Five: Random Musings and Observations

- Ok, it's official: The Alberta Tea are royally getting on my nerves.

- BUT, at the same time, so are my beloved Canes. Why didn't they go for the jugular tonight?! They usually have the brains and where was the Miller Time*? I could go could swear that the Oilers wanted the Cup more than the Canes did. And in that regard, at the risk of having a few Caniacs demanding my head on a silver platter, the Oil deserved tonight's game more than the Canes did.

- How 'bout that Cory Stillman? The one some of you were saying deserved a Conn Smythe more than Brindy, Staal, or (Cam) Wardo? Are your bells still chiming for that after that "magnificent play" Cory made in the OT?! I never really had him pegged for a potential Conn Smythe winner, and tonight certainly did not help in that regard.

- Believe it or not, despite the overall tone of that previous comment, I don't totally lay this loss at Cory's skates. This loss was a team effort...Robe-Boy and Brindy took stupid penalties and the defense was not that hot. Then again, I realize that it's hard for the D to play well when two of their more crucial players are hampered by potential injuries.

- That said, I'm glad that (Aaron) Ward, Wes, and Weight are apparently ok and still able to play, at least as far as we know. Their being out during tonight's game, coupled with the gut feeling at OT that this series could very well go to six games, made for quite the chilling feeling.

- I may very well be in the minority on this, but I have a good feeling that the Canes *can* take Game Six in E-Town. If they can stay somewhat healthy, avoid the box, and again realize the team they have played AND still can play as, the Canes can very well rub it in the faces of not only the Oilers team, BUT ALSO the Oil Nation itself. And that, my friends and readers, would be something to see indeed.

And come to think of it, even though I had been rooting for a Raleigh series win, I wouldn't mind seeing the series end in Edmonton...nothing would be more freakin' sweet than to see the Canes win it, close OR a blowout, after the Oil's fancy smancy game intro. Yeah, I tend to be mean like that...

* - Don't you dare get "cute" with me, Sabre fans. ;P

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ryan Smyth's Unlucky Penny

"I guess it was an American loonie or an American dollar. I don't know if it was good luck for them or what, but it wasn't in very deep so I was scared the boys were going to trip over it. So … got it out."

Um, yeah right. And I am not certainly not hesitant to say that after reading the following in the above linked Canes MB thread...

Thun2Ched posted:
"During Wednesday's pregame skate, Smyth dug out of the ice the coin that the RBC Center ice crew had buried at center ice back in February, leaving a divot where the puck will be dropped a little after 8 p.m. tonight."

Way to go, Ry. >:P I don't think I could put it any better than MeDotCom in the same thread...

"Seriously, what gave him the right? I don't care if he thought he saw a gold nugget under the surface, you don't chip away at the ice surface eight hours before a Stanley Cup Final game. I hope he hurts himself in the rut he created."

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The 100 Greatest TV Show Themes Ever?! Already Revisited

Not even posting the actual post here, for it is too long...thank god for having an extra blog on LiveJournal. :D

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The 100 Greatest TV Show Themes Ever?!

Where's St. Elsewhere? The $100,000 Pyramid? HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA?!

And I'm sure there are a few more missing...but the absence of those three alone are atrocious enough.

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One of Dookie V's "Diaper Dandies" In Trouble

First Kevin Dineen, then Ben Rothelisberger, and now J.J. Redick...I guess trouble *really* does come in threes. o_O

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Canes/Oilers - Game Four: Random Musings and Observations

- 2-1? I'll take addition to favoring the Canes, it also favors me winning this NHL score prediction contest in which I participate at a sports card/collectible board I visit. Thanks to tonight's score, I now take a two game cushioned lead. 8)

- Cam Ward just sent the following note to certain Oilers fans/bandwagoners:

Dear Oil Nation,
I'm gunning for a Conn Smythe. Deal with it.

Yours (you wish),


And much as I respect Brindy, Staalsy, and really, the rest of the Canes; anyone getting the MVP award over Cam would practically be a crime in my (not-so) humble opinion. I mean, look at how much the Canes overall jazzed up their game since Wardo took his place in the crease vs. Montreal.

- Geez NBC, we get it...all of you, especially Pierre McGuire, wanna have the Oilers' babies!! Don't know how y'all will manage to do that. But hey, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, I guess anyone can...

- Speaking of the Black Gold, Texas Tea, etcetera, the following comment by CTCaneFan at the Canes MB gave me a chuckle...especially after all the theatrics during the beginning of Game Three...

"Am I the only one who wants to fire a Bazooka at the Oilers' gold platinum batcave entrance/elevator thing? It sure is fancy and shiny and opens from bottom to top, unlike your typical dressing room doors. You think Petey K might buy the team a snazzy dressing room door like that if we manage to win two more games? Do they have a few black......I mean Blue and Orange knights guarding it, exclaiming that "none shall pass"? I hope they show it again tonight! We can wait with baited breath and after a moment or two the golden door will woosh up......and Zingo.....out will march the Edmonton Oilers....uniformily paced about 15 feet from one another......marching half the arena length to emerge under the mighty fire encrusted Oil Rig! Then Opera.....I have it on secret authority that after both anthems are sung, a dozen straping Mounties will perform the "Lumberjack Song" Then and only then can we play some pomp & soiled armour hockey. puck drops at 8:52 after the Oilers crew changes the baseboards at the last minute."

The scary thing? I kind of want to see Mounties perform "The Lumberjack Song"... o_O

- Just one more game...ONE. MORE. GAME. Man, after 2002, I never thought the Canes would come this close to winning you-know-what in just four years. One of those rare, RARE moments where I certainly do not mind being wrong.

I can almost taste the champagne...gee, that said, I wonder if Lindy Ruff is reading this... >;)

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Ben Rothelisberger Involved In Motorcycle Crash

Wow. O_O

On one hand, I hope Ben heals up as best as possible. But on the other hand, dudeman should have been wearing a helmet. Like or hate Terry Bradshaw, he had a darned good argument about #7 staying off of his bike until he retired from the NFL.

I think one thing's certain: When Ben is (hopefully) fully healed, he *will* wear a helmet...that is, if he ever rides a motorsickle again.

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Stormbringer Goes To Beartown

As I acknowledged quite briefly yesterday evening, I got to visit a place called Beartown yesterday...

Beartown is a West Virginia state park. And despite the Gatorland-like name, there are really no bears in Beartown. Instead, Beartown is a area very reminiscent of Mammoth Cave AND the Grand Canyon. But unlike the former and somewhat more like the latter (I think...unfortunately, I've yet to visit Arizona's most famous landmark), the rock comprising Beartown is sandstone, not limestone like many geologists, both professional and "arm-chair", would think. But also unlike the Grand Canyon, Beartown is not quite as grandiose in size...if it was, you would certainly hear more about it overall than just reading here. ;D

Really showing off my video game geekiness, I could see Beartown being an inspiration for a section of Hyrule in a Legend of Zelda game or a forest/mountain area for most medieval/fantasy/swords and magic RPGs.

After Beartown, I also got to see the Civil War battlefield memorial a couple of miles further down the road. The particular battle having been fought there being the Battle of Droop Mountain*. That battle was won by the Union Army in a Union State, BUT the park/battlefield sure does not want you to believe it. From the Confederate graves (no Union graves) to the two HUGE Confederate favoring paintings greeting you when you enter the tiny museum to the majority of exhibits (including two pieces of Confederate paper currency), it's all the more amazing that they actually have signs admitting the Conferderate army's defeat at Droop Mountain. o_O

All that said, it should be noted that the only reason West Virginia joined the Union was because the farmers, coal mining outfits, etc. could not afford slaves AND therefore were opposed to Virginia's joining the side in favor of slavery. At the time, West Virginia was part of Virginia...and the Union/Confederacy dispute grew to the point that Virginia told the western part of itself to take a hike. And hence the formation of West Virginia...and that be your history lesson for the moment. ;)
Anyhoo, before heading back home, my day trip came to a close with a late lunch/early dinner at Tamarack, outside of Beckley. There, I had what has become my usual dish whenever I get the opportunity to visit Tamarack on Sundays...the Pesto Chicken and Portabella Pizza, with Cinnamon Bread Pudding for dessert. And I washed all of that down with a nice cappucino from the Greenbriar Coffee kiosk. Supposedly, the java served there is the same as what is served at the rather prestigious Greenbriar Resort, making the coffee WV's answer to Starbucks. BUT, at almost five dollars for the largest size, equal to Starbucks' Grande/Medium, Seattle's pride and joy's brew comes in at least a dollar and half cheaper.

All in all, it was a wonderful journey and day. :)

* - Named after the very Droop Sandstone of which Beartown is composed.

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